Thursday, May 21, 2020

Handmade goggles made by a child from Yemen's refugee camp bought for $10000 by a Saudi national

An online auction campaign widely adapted on social media by international charities from the popular Yemeni photographer and filmmaker, Abdullah Al-Jaradi has brought smiles and happiness to a group of children's life in Yemen's refugee camp this Eid. A little boy from the refugee camp decided to make a pair of goggles (spectacles) out of old metal coat hanger and sell them to buy new clothes for his family for the upcoming religious festival Eid Al-Fitr, had his dream come true when the Managing Director of the MASAM Project (Saudi Arabia's Project for Landmine Clearance in Yemen)Ousama Al-Gosaibi placed a winning bid of $10000 for his work of art.
The proceeds from the spectacles, which amounts to 2.5 million Yemeni riyals ($10,000), will be allocated to buy clothes not only for the child that made the glasses, but for all the children in the refugee camp. This comes as part of the Saudi humanitarian efforts in Yemen. This initiative aimed to promote the humanitarian efforts and support, meet the needs and lift the spirits of the Yemeni people as Eid approaches, particularly for the children, said Ousama Al-Gosaibi.


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