Saturday, May 23, 2020

More than 10000 health workers in Iran tests positive for novel Coronavirus infection

Latest reports from Tehran, the capital of city of Iran claims more than 10000 health care workers in the country have been infected by COVID-19. Recently the country's southwestern province, Khuzestan was reported to be the new epicenter for the widespread of Coronavirus in Iran, where the government marked it red on the country's color-coded risk scale. Surprisingly, reports from last week only confirmed 800 health care workers being infected by the virus outbreak, with the Iran's Ministry of Health and Medical Education claiming deaths of 100 workers, and now a week later we see the rapid increase in numbers, rising questions on the credibility of data officially released by the authorities. At present, Iran officially recorded 133521 confirmed cases and 7359 deaths, while 104072 people recovered from the infection.


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