Sara Giselle Syamanth
(Co-Founder & Co-Owner)
Sara Giselle Syamanth, wife of Syamanth Sreejith is the Co-Founder, Co-Owner and equal share holder of Changing Times Today website and it's operation along with her husband Syamanth. Changing Times Today was co-founded by Sara along with Syamanth, where she played a vital part in developing the concept and designing the website. Sara is an American who belongs to a Hispanic family, currently living in El Paso, Texas and holds a Bachelors in History and Museum Studies from University of Texas El Paso (UTEP).

Syamanth Sreejith
(Co-Founder, Co-Owner & Senior News Writer)
Syamanth is the Co-Founder, Co-Owner and Senior News Writer of Changing Times Today news and media website. Syamanth co-founded the concept and Changing Times Today's website with his wife Sara Giselle Syamanth on May 15, 2020. He has worked through the process of visual communication, designing graphics, illustration, maintenance of website involved in building Changing Times Today. Syamanth is a full-time media communications correspondent, news writer and blogger. Started his career as a mobile technology news writer, Syamanth had previously owned, written and managed THE PHONES GUIDE, THE PHONES GUIDE BLOG, scrbetech & PIXEL BESTOW, and has an overall experience in the industry spanning over 9 years, publishing 1200+ news articles and reports online. Syamanth is an Indian who belongs to a Keralite family and he currently lives in Kerala, India and is a student of Bachelor's in Business Management (Hons) from The Open University (OU), with roots in Mass Media Communications and also works full-time for Changing Times Today.


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